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The Sizzlin' Release Report - Mass Effect Andromeda

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Okay, so is anyone else totally ready for Mass Effect: Andromeda to be released? I have been hanging on every piece of news. Update folks, if you have not seen the Official EA Play 2016 Vid(really???) you HAVE to check it out! (

We are sourcing products as fast as we can to get you prepared to geek-out for the release. Guys, gals, it is time to start getting pumped! Maybe even do a run through ME:3 and get your brain back in the right mentality(be sure to be fully equipped while playing- think fave crew member mouse pad, epic wall posters, cosplay gear etc!). 

The latest installment in the Mass Effect series is showing amazing potential, which is no surprise. Our hearts have fallen in love and been broken with the in-depth character development that the writers and programmers have provided us with in the past. If the awe-inspiring vastness of space to explore in ME:3 is any indicator, this next product will surely be a game to lose months of valuable time to. No worries friends, I will pry away long enough keep in touch with my fans - and my job!! 

With the cool building features we have seen in recently released games (Fallout 4 anyone?), we can begin to imagine the possibilities available to us. The time spent creating this game should be a pretty good indicator at the extensive effort put in to providing us with industry leading innovations and features. It is estimated to be 4 times as large as ME:3. *Heart skips a beat* Yes. Epic. I know...

What new adventures will await us? What fantasy romances shall we develop? 

I could go on and on about it... and I just might, later... but for now, go check out some of the leaked info on YouTube. First though, head over to our Mass Effect Memorabilia Collection >>><<< and gear up!

It has been a pleasure to have your attention, and remember, sore thumbs = time well spent.

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